Alibaba Cloud Linux

Alibaba Cloud Linux is a free-to-use, native operating system that provides a stable, reliable, and high-performance environment for your applications.

Alibaba Cloud Linux is a next-generation Linux distribution released by Alibaba Cloud. It includes advanced features developed by the Linux community, and provides a stable and reliable environment for applications running on the cloud. Alibaba Cloud Linux is deeply optimized based on the Alibaba Cloud infrastructure to provide the best experience for users. You can install Alibaba Cloud Linux on all types of Alibaba Cloud Elastic Compute Service (ECS) instances, including ECS Bare Metal Instances.

Why do we choose native operating systems

Security and Regulation Compliance
Alibaba Cloud Linux is a 100% open-source Linux distribution. You are free to download and check the source code of all operating system components, and send any issues or suggestions to our community. Alibaba Cloud will continuously fix vulnerabilities in Alibaba Cloud Linux to improve system security.
Alibaba Cloud Linux is a Linux distribution deeply optimized based on the Alibaba Cloud infrastructure. You can install Alibaba Cloud Linux on Alibaba Cloud ECS instances for higher performance.
Customer Support Benefits
Unlike other free Linux distributions in Alibaba Cloud Marketplace, Alibaba Cloud Linux is developed based on the latest Linux kernel. Alibaba Cloud Linux users can get technical support and services through our ticket system, forum, or GitHub. All these services are free of charge.
Ecosystem Benefits
Alibaba Cloud Linux continuously adopts technological innovations from open-source communities, such as the Linux 4.19 kernel, to benefit its users. A high-standard quality control system is also introduced to manage Linux distributions and contribute to the open-source communities. Alibaba Cloud Linux is devoted to leveraging achievements from the Alibaba Cloud open-source ecosystem to enrich the open-source software ecosystem.


Optimized for Alibaba Cloud
The fastest Linux distribution to launch on Alibaba Cloud. Alibaba Cloud Linux is deeply optimized for high-performance Elastic Compute Service (ECS) instances and ECS bare metal instances.
Out-of-Box and Easy to Use
Alibaba Cloud Linux includes commonly used Alibaba Cloud open-source software, such as Aliyun CLI and cloud-init. This significantly reduces your management costs in most scenarios.
Continuous Integration of Open-source Software
New versions of open-source software, such as the Linux 4.19 kernel, are continuously added to Alibaba Cloud Linux to expand the ecosystem of open-source software.
Long-term Support
To ensure business continuity, Alibaba Cloud provides technical support including security updates and issue fixes of Alibaba Cloud Linux for up to ten years.
Tailored for Higher Security and Resource Cost Optimization
Alibaba Cloud Linux is tailored to improve system security and help you save costs by avoiding the use of excess compute resources.

Scenarios & Optimization

High-performance Linux Instances

The virtualization performance bottleneck challenges the developers when a large number of multi-threading applications run on high-performance instances in parallel. Alibaba Cloud optimizes Alibaba Cloud Linux and the virtual infrastructure to significantly reduce the overheads on the instances, providing stable and reliable support for multi-threading and high concurrency.

Optimized for ECS Bare Metal Instances

Alibaba Cloud Linux is tailored and optimized to guarantee the best performance on ECS bare metal instances.


Alibaba Cloud Linux provides container registries to simplify the deployment and management of applications. Alibaba Cloud Linux supports the standard cloud-native container ecosystem. In addition, we will soon migrate cloud-native applications from the Alibaba open-source ecosystem to Alibaba Cloud.

Community Partnership

Alibaba Cloud has established partnerships with the Kata Containers and Clear Linux communities. You can seamlessly deploy the Kata Containers solution on ECS bare metal instances. Alibaba Cloud also reduces the launch time of RunV containers. This guarantees the overall performance of the Kata Containers solution.

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