New Features

Website Threat Inspector - Vulnerability whitelist, vulnerability management, and domain name validity check.

Aug 16 2018

You can now set up a whitelist of vulnerabilities to avoid repeated notification when a vulnerability contained in the whitelist is detected. This increases scanning and maintenance efficiencies. A vulnerability management function has also been released to send real-time responses to vulnerabilities reported by users.

Target customers: Internet entities, finance agencies, government users, enterprises clients, New Retail customers, the media, and education sectors. Features released: 1.You can set up a whitelist and add ignorable and low-risk vulnerabilities into it and avoid repeated notifications when a vulnerability on the whitelist is detected. This increases scanning and maintenance efficiencies. 2. A vulnerability management function has been released. False positives and ignorable vulnerabilities are reported to the POC plug-in development team of Website Threat Inspector in real time for verification and improvement. 3. Domain name validity check is released to monitor domain names that will expire within three months. 4. Displaying of vulnerability verification is optimized. Vulnerability verification is shown by default on the display page, without requiring the magnifier. The content of the original request packet can also be displayed for vulnerability verification.

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