New Features

Tablestore - Virtual Column Released

Jul 28 2021

You can modify the schema of a search index or create a search index to query new fields and data of new field types without modifying the storage schema and the data of Tablestore.

Targeted customers: all customers who use the search index feature of Tablestore. Features released: The virtual column feature allows you to map a column in a data table to the virtual column in a search index when you create the search index. The type of the new virtual column can be different from that of the column in the data table. This allows you to create a column without modifying the data table schema and data. The new column can be used to accelerate queries or can be configured with different analyzers. 1. You can configure different analyzers for a TEXT field. A single STRING column can be mapped to multiple TEXT columns of a search index. Different TEXT columns use different tokens to meet various business requirements. 2. You can use the virtual column feature to accelerate queries without having to cleanse data and modify schemas. You need only to map required columns of a data table to the columns in a search index. The column types can be different between the data table and the search index. For example, you can use the virtual column feature to convert the numeric type to the KEYWORD type to improve the performance of term query, and convert the STRING type to the numeric type to improve the performance of range query.

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