New Features

Lindorm - Version 2.4.0 Released with New Features

Feb 14 2019

Version 2.4.0 is released and allows you to read, write, and analyze multiple metrics based on the dimensions of the device that is used to collect the data.

Target customers: 1. Users in the IoT industry, remote device monitoring, error notification, and diagnose and analysis fields. 2. Users in Internet application monitoring, DevOps, container monitoring, server monitoring, network monitoring, and database monitoring and notification fields. 3. Users in the IoT monitoring and analysis industry, industrial assembly line equipment monitoring, production process monitoring fields that need to increase resource utilization rate, reduce power consumption, and improve production capacity. 4. Users in the monitoring and analysis field of the financial sector. Features released: Time Series Database (TSDB) V2.4.0 is released with new features. TSDB is a database service that provides real-time monitoring, multidimensional random analysis, and data visualization capabilities for the IoT and APM industries. The time series multivalue mode allows you to read and write multiple metrics based on the dimensions of the device that is used to collect the data. This mode also supports precision reduction and multi-metric aggregate computing. This provides more efficient storage services and easier operations. For more information about TSDB, see For more information about TSDB multivalue operations, see

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