New Features

Simple Log Service (SLS) - Updates of the Alarm Feature

The Alarm feature of Log Services is updated. You can perform more flexible alarm settings.

Target customers: Developers and O&M personnel. Features released: The Alarm feature of Log Services is updated. Console interaction: The alarms are based on dashboards. The new Alarm list page supports alarm status, history, and shortcuts. Alert Dashboard: An built-in LogStore (free) and a dashboard is created for the project that you configure alarms for to store alarm history. Alarm calculation: Supports calculation based on the combination of multiple charts (SQL queries) for determining whether to trigger alarms. Supports the standard arithmetic operators and precedence of parentheses. Alarm rules: Supports disabling alarm temporarily, disabling alarm notifications, and customizing notification intervals. Notification method: Supports email notifications. Supports adopting multiple methods at a time. For example, you can set to receiving both DingTalk and email notifications. Notification: Supports template variable. You can extract fields from alarm content and perform editing to make the notification more accurate. Alarm reason: You can quickly drill down to chart metrics and alarm history related to alarm results from alarm information. Query period: SQL queries on which the alarm results rely support the interval of more than one day.

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