Experience Enhancements

Simple Log Service (SLS) - Update of the Log Service Console

The Log Service console optimizes pagination and display.

Features released: 1. The Delimiter mode adds the Incomplete Entry Upload switch. Status of the Incomplete Entry Upload switch determines whether to upload a log when the number of fields extracted from the log is less than the number of keys that you preset. Turning on the Incomplete Entry Upload switch refers to uploading the logs while turning off refers to not uploading the logs. 2. Data Import Wizard adds Threat Detection Service and DRDS as data sources. 3. Optimizes table charts. Supports custom column-indentation. Supports making field contents expand and collapse. 4. Optimizes index configuration. Supports pagers. 5. Reconstructs the resource tree shown on the left side of the Search page. 6. Markdown supports binding variables for queries. 7. The Saved Search page displays the current logstore. Fixed the following bugs: 1. HTML content in table charts is parsed. 2. Function types cannot be recognized when you enter queries involving different machine learning functions. 3. Pages are refreshed due to loading sequences of the dashboard charts. 4. Clicking Reset Time does not take effect after selecting a time frame for a dashboard. 5. Data is not displayed completely in the treemap charts due to keywords of the name fields. 6. Today (Relative) is shown after selecting Today (Time Frame).

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