New Features

Log Service - Systemd Journal Log Retrieval

You can now use Log Service to retrieve Linux systemd journal logs from binary files, including the kernel log, syslog, and application log.

Target customers: Developers and maintenance engineers that need to use the systemd journal log retrieval function in the following scenarios: 1. Output the application log to the journal log system. 2. Monitor the operation log of system underlying modules for security auditing. 3. Monitor operating system error messages for Container Service for Kubernetes. Features released: Linux systemd journal log retrieval supports the following features: 1. Allows you to set the initial synchronization point. Checkpoints are then created during the synchronization process. Application restart will not affect the log retrieval process. 2. Allows you to filter the specified units. 3. Supports kernel log retrieval. 4. Supports auto log level parsing. 5. Allows you to use containers to retrieve journal logs from hosts when Docker or Kubernetes is used.

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