New Features

MaxCompute - Supports User-defined SerDe Classes for MaxCompute External Tables in Hive-compatible Mode

Feb 08 2021

MaxCompute allows you to use USING JAR to create an external table. You can use user-defined SerDe classes to enable the external table to be compatible with special data formats.

Target customers: developers, users of external tables, and users who want to process data in open source or custom data formats. Features released: MaxCompute is compatible with the Hive SerDe interface to process data in open source formats. MaxCompute also provides the built-in default SerDe class to process data in common formats. For more information, see and check the description of the STORED AS parameter. If you need to specify custom ROW FORMAT SERDE for some data formats, you must specify the dependent resources, add JAR packages, and define USING JAR when you create an external table. This allows you to use a custom SerDe class to make the external table compatible with special data formats.

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