New Features

Supports Prepare Statements and Locking Logical Databases

Dec 30 2018

Distributed Relational Database Service (DRDS) now supports more features, including the Prepare statement, Execute statement, and locks on logic databases.

Target customers: database and distributed database users, developers, Internet companies, and the finance, insurance, and new retail sectors. Features released: 1. The whitelist and invalid logon password error message are optimized. 2. Fixed the performance issues caused by joining multiple tables and redundant subqueries generated by physical queries. 3. Optimized the sequence of join pushdown. 5. You can lock logical databases. 6. Fixed the errors where the SET NAMES utf8mb is executed multiple times when you connect the server to the client. 7. Optimized the performance of the SHOW VARIABLES statement. 8. Supports the Prepare and Execute statements. 9. Fixed the errors where display failures occur when you execute the SHOW FULL PROCESSLIST statement. 10. Supports parallel execution hints. Errors fixed: 1. Fixed the errors that occur when you execute a function such as ~1. 2. Fixed the errors that occur when you import databases or create tables. 3. Fixed the errors that occur when you join multiple tables, such as index (16) must be less than size (16). 4. Fixed the errors that cause the LIMIT statement to fail to produce expected results when you scan hints.

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