New Features

MaxCompute - Supports NATURAL JOIN

Oct 28 2019

MaxCompute SQL is improved with the support for NATURAL JOIN, allowing more flexible user operations.

Target customers: Alibaba Cloud MaxCompute users. Features released: MaxCompute supports the NATURAL JOIN operation, in which the conditions used to join two tables are determined automatically based on the common fields in the two tables. MaxCompute supports OUTER NATURAL JOIN. You can use the USING clause so that the JOIN operation returns common fields only once. For example, to join the src table that contains the key1, key2, a1, and a2 fields and the src2 table that contains the key1, key2, b1, and b2 fields, you can execute the SELECT * FROM src NATURAL JOIN src2; statement. Both the src and src2 tables contain the key1 and key2 fields. In this case, the preceding statement is equivalent to the following statement: SELECT src.key1 as key1, src.key2 as key2, src.a1, src.a2, src2.b1, src2.b2 FROM src INNER JOIN src2 ON src.key1 = src2.key1 AND src.key2 = src2.key2;

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