New Features

Simple Log Service (SLS) - Supports MySQL Binlog collection.

Log Service has introduced the MySQL Binlog collection feature to facilitate synchronization and analysis.

Feature released: Log Service has introduced the MySQL Binlog real-time collection feature to support collecting data from self-built/RDS databases. MySQL Binlog collection is provided by Logtail and works in a similar way to canal, which acts as a MySQL slave and then synchronizes data using Binlog. This feature is of high performance. The feature provides these capabilities: 1) Supports subscribing to incremental data updates of MySQL databases such as RDS using Binlog, offering superior performance. 2) Supports filtering databases (by using regular expressions). 3) To set checkpoints. 4) Supports saving the synchronization status at checkpoints. This feature provides a central location for you to achieve real-time collection, analysis, and shipping of MySQL Binlog. Target customers: developers, data warehouse engineers, and data analysts

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