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Quick BI - Supports Multiple New Features

Jul 23 2019

Quick BI
Quick BI now supports combination charts and cross-workspace replication of datasets. Optimizations for Custom SQL and query controls are also included.

Target customers: all companies that require data analysis. Features released: 1. Data source: You can now connect Quick BI to PostgreSQL data sources through endpoints with the following format: lightning.**** 2. Dashboard: 1. You can now use combination charts. 2. Cross tables and pivot tables support automatic line breaks, renaming the Total fields, and conditional formatting of data entries. 3. Dataset: 1. You can now copy datasets across different workspaces. 2. Dimensions in the dataset hierarchy can now be cloned, hidden, or deleted. You can customize the start time of the week dimension when you create the dataset. 3. Custom SQL is renamed to Ad Hoc SQL Query. It supports features such as specifying a data source, formatting SQL statements, and copying SQL statements to create a dataset. 4. Query control: You can now set required filtering conditions, select the tile display mode, and pin a filter bar. You can also configure the field style, field width, and text alignment. Experience enhancements: 1. Optimized the WEEK() function for data sources of AnalyticDB (ADS) and PostgreSQL. 2. Optimized some of the chart style settings.

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