New Features

Elasticsearch - Supports Manual Kernel Version Updates in One-Click Mode

Mar 19 2020

Alibaba Cloud Elasticsearch team deeply customizes general kernel branches and continuously optimizes kernel performance and metrics based on the open-source Elasticsearch kernel. You can update the kernel version of your Alibaba Cloud Elasticsearch cluster with one click to quickly use new features.

Target customers: users who use Alibaba Cloud Elasticsearch V6.7.0 clusters of the X-Pack version. Features released: 1. Alibaba Cloud Elasticsearch kernel supports the optimization of thread pools, fusing policies, and more monitoring metrics. 2. If a new kernel version is available, the system prompts you to perform an update. 3. You can manually update the kernel versions of your Elasticsearch clusters to improve cluster stability and use new features such as data security and diversified maintenance and monitoring.

7th Gen ECS Is Now Available

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