New Features

MaxCompute - Supports JDBC-based Data Reads and Writes on MC-Hologres Data Sources by Using External Tables (Public Preview)

Feb 08 2021

MaxCompute allows you to create MC-Hologres external tables and use JDBC to read data from and write data to MC-Hologres data sources. You can also use the external tables to synchronize data between MaxCompute and MC-Hologres.

Target customers: developers, analysts, users of federated queries, and users who want to synchronize data between MC-Hologres and MaxCompute. Features released: MC-Hologres is a real-time interactive analytics service designed for big data. It can analyze and process petabytes of data with high concurrency and low latency. MC-Hologres can work with BI tools to provide multidimensional analysis, pivoting, and exploration of large amounts of data. It also supports ultra-high QPS for point queries. The data used for MC-Hologres analysis comes from the MaxCompute cloud data warehouse. In the past, you can use data integration or create MaxCompute external tables in MC-Hologres to obtain data. Now, you can create MC-Hologres external tables in MaxCompute and directly read data from and write data to an MC-Hologres instance by using JDBC. To use JDBC, you must create a table in MC-Hologres and an MC-Hologres external table in MaxCompute. Then, you must use JDBC to connect MaxCompute to the MC-Hologres instance. This way, you can directly read data from and write data to the MC-Hologres instance in MaxCompute. Both reading data from and writing data to MC-Hologres external tables are in public preview. No computing fees are charged, and the service level agreement (SLA) is not provided.

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