New Features

DataWorks - Supports Integration with CDH

Jan 13 2021

DataWorks can be integrated with Cloudera's Distribution including Apache Hadoop (CDH). This allows you to use your CDH clusters as storage and computing engines in DataWorks. Then, you can use the data development and governance features provided by DataWorks, such as DataStudio, task scheduling and maintenance, Data Map (metadata management), and Data Quality.

Target customers: customers that use CDH to build big data platforms. Features released: DataWorks allows you to perform the following operations: 1. Develop CDH Hive, Spark, MapReduce, Impala, and Presto tasks. 2. Flexibly configure scheduling properties for CDH tasks, maintain the tasks, and perform intelligent monitoring on the tasks. During the monitoring, DataWorks can send alert notifications through various channels, such as text messages and phone calls. 3. Adopt a centralized approach when you manage the metadata of CDH Hive data sources and other data sources such as MySQL. 4. Monitor the data quality of CDH Hive tables.

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