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ApsaraDB RDS for MySQL - Supports General-purpose Database Proxies and Persistent Connections

ApsaraDB RDS for MySQL provides general-purpose database proxies and persistent connections free of charge.

Target customers: A database proxy of an ApsaraDB RDS for MySQL instance serves as a network proxy that resides between your database system and your application and receives all requests from your application. A database proxy supports read/write splitting and persistent connections to reduce loads on your primary RDS instance. A database proxy has multiple benefits, including easy O&M, ease of use, high availability, and high performance. Scenarios: 1) The primary RDS instance is heavily loaded due to a large number of requests that are encapsulated in transactions. 2) The primary RDS instance is heavily loaded due to an excessively large number of connections. 3) Read/write splitting is required. 4) Read-only workloads and workloads that need to be isolated are processed. 5) Most of your workloads require short-lived connections. 6) The capability to prevent transient connections that are caused by O&M operations such as switchovers is required. Features released: 1. General-purpose database proxy: A general-purpose database proxy supports read/write splitting, persistent connections, transaction splitting, connection pooling, and SSL encryption. You can connect to your RDS instance by using a database proxy endpoint to use various capabilities of the database proxy feature. When your primary RDS instance is heavily loaded or in the scenario in which transient connections caused by O&M operations, such as switchovers, are not allowed, you can use the read/write splitting capability of the database proxy feature to balance loads and reduce the CPU loads on your primary RDS instance. You can also use the persistent connections and SSL encryption capabilities to prevent transient connections and improve the availability and security of your RDS instance. 2. Persistent connections: When O&M operations that trigger automatic switchovers are performed on an RDS instance, the connections between your application and database proxies of the RDS instance are temporarily interrupted. This affects your services. You can configure persistent connection settings for the RDS instance to keep connections alive, prevent service interruptions, improve instance availability, and reduce maintenance costs.

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