New Features

Simple Log Service (SLS) - Supports Full-stack Observability

Log Service provides the Full-stack Observability application to enable end-to-end observability of IT systems. The application provides features such as IT system monitoring, end-to-end tracing, and intelligent alerting.

Target customers: all users who require monitoring and observability. Features released: Full-stack Observability is based on Log Service capabilities, such as collection, storage, analysis, visualization, alerting, and AIOps. Full-stack Observability provides the following features: Monitors various system components in real time, such as hosts, Kubernetes clusters, databases, and middleware. Supports end-to-end and distributed tracing, end-to-end analysis of trace problems, and different protocols, such as OpenTelemetry, SkyWalking, and Jaeger. Integrates continuous performance monitoring capabilities to monitor performance bottlenecks in code in real time. Builds an application network topology based on the Extended Berkeley Packet Filter (eBPF) technology in a non-intrusive and automatic manner. Provides built-in data associations to support seamless association and redirection among all types of observable data. Provides visualized built-in reports, such as resource overview, resource usage monitoring, hotspot analysis, and detailed metrics. Supports custom analysis and different languages for analysis, such as PromQL and SQL-92. Supports AIOps metric inspection and detects abnormal metrics by using machine learning. Supports custom alert settings and sends alert notifications by using the following methods: Message Center, text messages, emails, voice calls, DingTalk, and custom webhooks.

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