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Cloud Backup - Supports Fast Data Backup of Large-scale NAS Clusters to the Cloud

Nov 03 2020

Cloud Backup
Hybrid Backup Recovery (HBR) has launched a new backup architecture for large-scale NAS clusters, providing capabilities such as fast backup to the cloud and backup set second-level search.

Target customers: customers who have installed Dell EMC Isilon NAS systems in local data centers and need to perform quick backup and migration to the cloud. Features released: Through cooperation with Dell EMC, HBR has released a new feature to acquire Isilon data increments with high speed and achieve multi-node concurrent reading. Traditional backup requires days or weeks of scanning. However, HBR reduces the time to a few minutes or hours, making it possible to back up hundreds of millions of files each day. HBR provides powerful tools for customers to back up the data of large-scale NAS clusters. In addition, HBR provides a second-level search capability. By using the global index of metadata, HBR can discover a file in massive data within seconds and perform precise file-level recovery.

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