New Features

Container Service for Kubernetes (ACK) - Supports Ephemeral Storage Configuration to Create Applications in the Console

Container Service for Kubernetes allows you to set the ephemeral-storage parameter when you create applications in the console.

Target customers: users of Container Service for Kubernetes. Features released: Ephemeral storage is a new type of resource in addition to CPU and memory. You can set the ephemeral-storage parameter to manage and schedule ephemeral storage for applications deployed on Kubernetes. On each worker node, the root directory and log directory (/var/log) of kubelet are stored on the primary partition of the node. The pods in the same cluster share and consume the primary partition by using emptyDir volumes, container logs, image layers, and container writable layers. When you create containerized applications, you can set the requests and limits parameters to manage primary partition resources that are consumed by the applications running on worker nodes.

7th Gen ECS Is Now Available

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