New Features

ApsaraVideo VOD - Supports EdgeScript for Accelerated Domain Names

May 24 2023

ApsaraVideo VOD
EdgeScript (ES) is a toolbox that allows you to specify custom configurations for Alibaba Cloud CDN-accelerated domain names.

Target customers: customers in IT, online education, finance, retail, and culture media sectors. If the standard configurations for accelerated domain names in the ApsaraVideo VOD console cannot meet the business requirements of users, they can use ES to specify custom configurations. ES supports easy-to-learn syntax and provides a large library of functions. Users can use the syntax and functions to customize CDN features. ES provides encapsulated functions, simple decision-making statements, and built-in variables that can be recognized by CDN POPs. Users can combine simple variables and existing functions in ES to meet most of personalized requirements. For example, they can use ES to customize authentication, caching, and throttling, and add fields to or remove fields from request headers. This helps customize the configurations and provides agile and fast service updates.

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