New Features

DataWorks - Supports DAG-based Node Aggregation Analysis and Node-specific Data Backfill in Operation Center

Sep 30 2021

DataWorks Operation Center provides the following features: 1. Directed acyclic graph (DAG)-based node aggregation analysis. This feature allows you to perform aggregation analysis on nodes based on their DAGs. This way, you can identify issues on ancestor nodes and impact on descendant nodes in an efficient manner. 2. Node-specific data backfill. This feature allows you to create a data backfill node to backfill data for the nodes that you select. If you want to backfill data for the nodes again, you can reuse the data backfill node and do not need to select the nodes again.

Target customers: customers who use the DataStudio service. Features released: Operator Center provides the DAG-based node aggregation analysis and node-specific data backfill features, which improve the O&M efficiency of nodes in DataStudio.

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