New Features

Supports Cross-zone Migration

Nov 13 2019

ApsaraDB POLARDB for MySQL allows you to change the primary zone. You can use this feature to migrate the compute nodes of a database cluster to another zone. This is applicable to disaster recovery or the scenario where Elastic Compute Services (ECS) instances are required to be accessed with the minimum latency.

Target customers: users who want to change the zone or VSwitch. Features released: if the destination zone is a secondary zone, data migration is not required. The system only needs to change the database compute nodes. The average time that it takes to change a node is five minutes, so the data center switchover can be completed relatively quickly. This operation is usually used for disaster recovery tests. If the destination zone is not a secondary zone, you must migrate data. How long the data migration takes depends on the data capacity. It may take several hours. Perform this operation with caution. This operation is generally used to adjust the zone distribution of applications and databases to facilitate nearby access to the databases.

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