New Features

MaxCompute - Supports Code-embedded UDFs

Jul 24 2020

Code-embedded user-defined functions (UDFs) in MaxCompute allow you to write Java or Python code in SQL scripts.

Target customers: developers. Features released: Code-embedded UDFs allow you to embed Java or Python code into SQL scripts. You can place SQL scripts and third-party code lines in one source code file. This simplifies the usage of user-defined types (UDTs) or UDFs and facilitates daily development and maintenance. When you compile a script, the compiler identifies and extracts embedded code, compiles the code in Java, and dynamically generates resources. Then, the compiler creates temporary functions to register functions. This way, you can complete a series of operations by using one SQL script, such as compiling Java code, adding resources, and creating functions. Code-embedded UDFs enable maintenance personnel to view the internal implementation logic of third-party code that includes UDFs and quickly find the source code for JAR packages.

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