Pricing Updates

Supports Billing Method Based on Authorized Applications

Jul 26 2019

Previously, fees of Game Shield are calculated based on the amount of consumed resources. Beginning on July 15, 2019, fees are calculated based on the number of authorized applications. Game Shield also protects applications that are connected to Game Shield.

Product introduction: Game Shield uses the scrubbing services in the region where the instance is created to protect your business. If the attacks targeted on your business also affect the infrastructure of the Alibaba Cloud data center, Alibaba Cloud reserves the right to throttle data traffic. If the data traffic of your Game Shield instance is throttled, your business may be affected. For example, some services may experience lag or unavailability. An SLA of 99.5% is guaranteed. Pricing adjustments: 1. These types of nodes and features are not supported: anti-DDoS nodes, game security gateways, free flow nodes, Anti-DDoS Pro nodes, protection for domains, and protection for ports. 2. Fees are calculated based on the number of authorized applications. Each authorized application contains 10 anti-DDoS nodes, and a game security gateway that supports a QPS of 100,000. Due to the improved protection ability, the price of game security gateways is increased from 45,000 CNY each month to 50,000 CNY each month. 3.Adjustments of the subscription billing method: Due to the improved protection ability, the monthly price of subscription-based bandwidth is increased from 100 CNY per Mbit/s to 300 CNY per Mbit/s. The minimum price of Game Shield is increased from 908,000 CNY to 960,000 CNY per year.

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