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Short Message Service (SMS) - Short Message Service released on the international site

Short Message Service released on the international site

Product overview: Alibaba Cloud Short Message Service is a cloud communication service for developers around the world. Developers can call the API of Short Message Service (SMS) to send text messages to mobile phones in more than 200 countries and regions worldwide. It is also a messaging service provided by Alibaba Cloud to enterprise customers around the world. Enterprises can use this service to send messages such as verification codes, system notifications, and membership services to users and send messages to mobile phone numbers at home and abroad. Target customers: Companies that require SMS to keep in touch with customers, such as e-commerce, entertainment, banking, insurance, etc. Features released: 1. Unified distribution of sender ID display free-of-charge, no additional application required 2. Support for MT text messages and URL 3. Support for scenario classification of short message content, such as verification codes, customer notifications, and marketing short messages 4. Long messages (over 140 bytes) can be split into multiple messages and combined into one message at the terminal 5. Different types of text messages are matched with different QoS levels, such as high QoS for verification code messages and low QoS for marketing messages, to ensure timely delivery of important text messages 6. Performance-based real-time channel switching to ensure optimal delivery 7. Support for API call to send text messages to 1000 numbers in one batch 8. Developers can set sending frequency for specific numbers to ensure optimal customer experience 9. Developers can set the warning threshold and limit threshold for total number of text messages sent to ensure account security and budget control 10. Text message delivery log and failure reasons are displayed 11. Usage of text message resource packages is displayed 12. A report showing the total number of text messages sent is provided Billing method: SMS package

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