New Features

Tablestore - Search Index Supports Dynamic Changes to Schemas

Jun 18 2021

You can dynamically modify the schema of a search index. For example, you can add, update, or delete indexed columns for the search index, and modify the routing key of the search index.

Targeted customers: customers who use the search index feature of Tablestore in the following scenarios: 1. Add an index column: The development of business requires more columns to query. 2. Update an index column: Modify the analyzer of a TEXT field. 3. Delete an index column: You may need to remove an unnecessary column added when you create a search index. 4. Modify a routing key. You can specify a routing key to reduce read workloads and improve query efficiency. Features released: The following process describes how to dynamically modify a schema. The whole process does not affect business. You do not need to change business code. 1. Create a gray index on a data table. Add, modify, or remove the schema of a search index. 2. Wait until the existing and incremental data of the data table is synchronized to the gray index and the synchronization progress is the same as that for the search index. 3. Use A/B testing to make sure that traffic is gradually directed to the gray index. Wait until all traffic is switched to the gray index. 4. After you verify that the gray index works normally, switch the schemas between the source index and the gray index. 5. Delete the source index.

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