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ApsaraVideo Live - Releases the RTS OBS Plug-in to Improve Livestreaming Performance Under Poor Network Conditions

Jul 20 2021

ApsaraVideo Live
The Real-time Streaming (RTS) OBS plug-in is an open broadcaster software (OBS) SDK that encodes the audio and videos collected by OBS and pushes the encoded content to the Alibaba Cloud Global Real-time Transport Network (GRTN) in real time for distribution.

Target customers: Users who use PCs for livestreaming in industries such as e-commerce, education, and finance can use this plug-in to speed up stream pushing and reduce stuttering under poor network conditions. Features released: The RTS OBS plug-in supports plug-and-play with the native OBS framework. The plug-in fixes playback stuttering issues and improves livestream performance under poor network conditions. Paired with RTS, streamers can stream videos at a low latency with minimal stuttering.

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