New Features

Tablestore - Release of the Fuzzy Query Feature

Dec 02 2021

If you want to perform a wildcard query by using *word*, you can use fuzzy tokenization to ensure high performance in fuzzy queries.

Target customers: all developers. Features released: Fuzzy query is a common requirement in databases. For example, you can perform a fuzzy query to query file names and mobile numbers. To perform fuzzy queries in Tablestore, you can use the wildcard query feature of search indexes. The wildcard query feature is similar to the LIKE operator in MySQL. However, the wildcard query feature supports only up to 20 characters in the string that is used for a wildcard query, and the query performance is compromised as the volume of data increases. To resolve these issues, search indexes supports fuzzy tokenization to ensure high performance in fuzzy queries. When you use fuzzy tokenization, Tablestore has no limits on the length of the string that is used for a query. However, if the string exceeds 1,024 characters in length, the system truncates the string and performs tokenization only for the first 1,024 characters.

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