Pricing Updates

Function Compute (FC) - Reduces Prices for All Billable Items in All Regions by up to 37.5%

The prices for the pay-as-you-go billing method and resource plans in Function Compute are reduced. Function Compute helps you reduce your costs by 12% to 47% even when your daily resource utilization reaches 30%. The lower the resource utilization, the more you save.

Product introduction: Function Compute provides multiple computing resources such as vCPU, memory, and GPU. You can flexibly configure these computing resources based on your business requirements. In addition, the number of vCPUs increases by 0.05, the memory capacity increases by 64 MB, and the GPU memory capacity increases by 1 GB. Function Compute spares you from management of infrastructure such as servers. You need to only upload your code or image. Function Compute allocates computing resources, runs code in an elastic and reliable way, and provides features such as log query, performance monitoring, and alerting. Function Compute is a fully-managed serverless computing service. The feature helps enterprises greatly improve their daily resource utilization and reduce costs for computing resources. Price adjustment:

1, Billing overview:

The unit price of active vCPUs is reduced by 11%. The unit price of idle vCPUs that can be automatically reclaimed by the system is 10% of that of active vCPUs.
The unit price of memory usage is reduced by 20%.
The unit price of GPU usage is reduced by 20%.
The unit price of function requests is reduced by 25%.
The unit price of outbound Internet traffic is reduced by 37.5%.

Note: The original billable item “resource usage of instances” is divided to active and idle vCPU usage and memory usage. The flexible specification combination greatly improves resource utilization. For more information, seePay-as-you-go.

2, Function Compute Resource Plans:

You can flexibly purchase resource plans for different billable items based on your business requirements and enjoy 29% to 80% savings compared with the pay-as-you-go billing method. The larger the resource plan, the more you save.

3、Plans for New Users of Function Compute:

Function Compute provides a free trial quota worth USD 13 for the users that activate the service for the first time. The trial quota is valid for 1 year.

Note: Each user can enjoy the free trial quota only once, which contains 500,000 vCPU-seconds of active vCPU usage, 1 million GB-seconds of memory usage, and 1 million function requests.

4, Plans for Existing Users of Function Compute:

Starting from 24:00:00 on December 31, 2022, the original free monthly quota for existing users, which includes 400,000 GB-seconds of memory usage and 1 million function requests per month, will be canceled. In order to thank current users for their support of Function Compute products, all current users can continue enjoying the original free trial quota of 2 months. In addition, current users can apply for a free plan worth USD 13 and the validity period of the trial plan is 1 year.

Note: Limit 1 free trial per user. Free trials include 500,000 vCPU-seconds of active vCPU usage, 1 million GB-seconds of memory usage, and 1 million function requests.


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