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Elasticsearch - Rate Limiting and Throttling Plug-in Released to Support Rate Limiting and Throttling of Node-Level Read and Write Operations

Mar 19 2020

The rate limiting and throttling plug-in optimizes the read and write speed for a specific index and limits traffic within a proper range to improve the stability of Elasticsearch clusters.

Target customers: Alibaba Cloud Elasticsearch users. Features released: 1. You can manually install the rate limiting and throttling plug-in. By default, this plug-in is installed for new clusters. You can enable or disable the rate limiting and throttling feature as needed. 2. You can specify the QPS for the target index, the number of bytes written to the target node per second, and the number of bytes in each bulk request. 3. If traffic control is unavailable for upstream business, especially read requests, you can downgrade the target index based on the business priority and the rules defined in the rate limiting and throttling plug-in to ensure the stability of your services.

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