New Features

MaxCompute - Provides New Built-in Functions and Enhances the Compatibility of Built-in Functions

Feb 08 2021

MaxCompute provides new built-in functions, which include date functions, string functions, and aggregate functions. It also enhances the compatibility of these functions.

Target customers: developers, analysts, users of open source platforms, and users of other ecosystems. Features released: The date functions DATE, DATEDIFF, DATEPART, and DATETRUNC are enhanced to support the DATE and TIMESTAMP data types. The string functions PARSE_URL, BASE64, and UNBASE64 are introduced. The PARSE_URL function is used to parse URLs. The BASE64 and UNBASE64 functions are used to implement mutual conversions between binary data and Base64-encoded strings. MaxCompute supports the expressions of filter conditions for aggregate functions. You can specify a filter condition for an aggregate function in a SELECT clause, which allows you to control the data range of the aggregate function in an AGGREGATE statement. You can also specify filter conditions for the COUNT function. The COUNT_IF function is provided to count the records that meet the condition specified by IF. The syntax of the STACK function is stack(n, expr1, ..., exprk). This function is provided to split expressions from expr1 to exprk into n rows. This function is compatible with Hive and Spark SQL functions. The GET_USER_ID function is provided to obtain the user ID of the current account.

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