New Features

Application Real-Time Monitoring Service (ARMS) - Prometheus Agent V4.0.0 Released

Prometheus Agent V4.0.0 is released. Bugs are fixed, features are optimized, and performance is enhanced.

Target customers: users who are using Managed Service for Prometheus or have observability requirements. Features released: ● The multi-master mechanism is launched. It can handle service discovery and target scheduling in ultra-large clusters. ● Metric collection jobs can be created for cluster events. Cluster events can be displayed in the Kubernetes Deployment dashboard. ● The Staleness capabilities of open source Prometheus are supported. ● ServiceMonitor supports the BasicAuth authentication method. Secrets must be in the same namespace as ServiceMonitor. ● Four self-monitoring metrics are provided, including Number of Master Scale-out Failures, Time Consumed for Target Scheduling of Master, Number of Targets Assigned by Master, and Time Consumed for Worker Synchronizing in Master. ● metrics_relabel is optimized. CPU utilization and memory usage are reduced by 30%. ● The multi-tenancy listening logic of Informer is optimized to save CPU utilization in multi-tenancy scenarios.

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