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Alibaba Cloud DNS (DNS) - New Version of GTM Released to Support Latency-based Access Policies, IPv6 Addresses, Health Checks at Intervals of 15 Seconds, and Subdivided ISP Lines

Ultimate Edition is provided in the new version of Global Traffic Manager (GTM). This edition supports latency-based access policies, IPv6 addresses, health checks at intervals of 15 seconds, and subdivided Internet service provider (ISP) lines. The GTM instance configuration is simple, which achieves fast switchover.

Target customers: 1. Enterprise customers that have requirements for local active-active, zone-disaster recovery, active geo-redundancy, and geo-disaster recovery. 2. Customers that want to support IPv6 addresses and have requirements for fast fault discovery and switchover. Version/Specifications: GTM of Alibaba Cloud DNS was upgraded on November 16, 2020. After the new version of GTM is released, the earlier version can still be used in the DNS console and the business that uses the earlier version is not affected. Features released: (1) The new version of GTM provides Standard Edition and Ultimate Edition. (2) Ultimate Edition supports access policies of intelligent DNS resolution, which include access policies based on geographic locations and latency-based access policies. (3) In Ultimate Edition, intelligent DNS resolution identifies visitors in China by ISP, such as China Unicom, China Telecom, China Mobile, China Dr. Peng, CERNET, and China Broadcasting Network. It identifies visitors from different ISPs by province or municipality and identifies visitors in countries outside China by country. (4) In Ultimate Edition, you can set the minimum interval between health checks to 15 seconds and TTL to 1 second. If you set the number of retries for health checks to 3, failovers in 90% of the regions in China can be completed within 90 seconds and the configurations take effect immediately after a failover is completed. (5) The new version of GTM supports IPv6 addresses. For more information, see

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