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Lindorm - New TSDB Features Released: Trajectory Data Storage and Space Analysis

Nov 01 2018

Time Series and Spatial-Temporal Database (TSDB) has released the space-time feature. This feature allows you to store and display trajectory data, and use geofencing and trajectory behavior analysis.

Intended Customers: logistics, transportation enterprises, food delivery services, new retail, map service, IoT, IoV, location service providers, intelligent device manufacturers, industrial manufacturers, Internet, finance, and industrial enterprises. Released Feature: TSDB has released the space-time feature. This feature allows you to store and display trajectory data of IoV, transportation, logistics, retail delivery, and other industries. It also supports geofencing and trajectory behavior analysis. You can retrieve space-time data, store the data in TSDB databases, and then read and display the data based on the user needs. You can also output and display the data in a geographic information system (GIS). In the smart city scenario, TSDB databases can be used to store criminal or traffic violation cases. For example, after you import the traffic violation data to TSDB, you can analyze the number and frequency of traffic violations that have occurred within a specific time frame and area. Based on the analysis results, you can then optimize the structure of the road network. In the monitoring and alarms scenario, you can define an area, and monitor the space data of a specific device. Every time the space data shows that the device is not in the defined area, an alarm is generated. In addition, you can use trajectory monitoring to detect devices that have strayed from the trajectory and generate alarms.

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