New Features

MaxCompute - MaxCompute Console 0.28.0 released

Dec 30 2017


Features fixed: · Fixed user experience issues in the Windows + Java 9 environment. The client is developed in Java, so you must make sure that JRE 1.7 or a later version is installed on your computer before the installation. After the client is adapted to Java 9, Windows users in the Java 9 environment can enjoy a smoother and more efficient experience using MaxCompute Console, avoiding crashes or other user experience issues.  · Fixed the compatibility with space-containing paths. When you upload or download data in the MaxCompute Console, if the paths of local data files, such as .txt files, contain spaces, the data upload or download operation may report an error in most cases. This issue has been fixed. You do not need to check whether the path contains space, but just make sure that the path is correct. 

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