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Elasticsearch - Latest Kernel Minor Version 1.0.2 Released

Apr 23 2020

Alibaba Cloud Elasticsearch regularly updates its kernel for performance improvement and bug fixes. You can also manually update the kernels of your Elasticsearch clusters to the latest minor version.

Target customers: users of Alibaba Cloud Elasticsearch V6.7 clusters. Features released: The kernel of the latest minor version provides the following benefits: 1. Allows you to view access logs of your Elasticsearch clusters and use the logs to troubleshoot problems and analyze requests. The logs include fields such as Time, Node IP, and Content. 2. Allows you to configure JVM circuit breaking policies. After JVM heap memory reaches 95%, the system rejects requests to protect clusters. 3. Provides 10 times better scheduling performance for dedicated master nodes and allows each dedicated master node to schedule more shards. 4. Improves write performance by 10% and reduces overheads incurred by translog flush.

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