New Features

Simple Log Service (SLS) - IP Series Analysis Function is now available in Log Service.

Log Service now provides IP Source Series Function to make it easy to analyze visitor source.

Feature released: Log Service now provides IP Series Analysis Function, which allows you to analyze visitor source in real time. IP Series Function can convert the IP address of the visitor into geo-location information such as country and city as well as ISP and internet/intranet information, making it easy for you to analyze and visualize visitor source. The information includes the following. ip_to_domain: identifies the domain, intranet or internet, in which the IP resides. ip_to_country(ip): identifies the country in which the IP resides.  ip_to_province(ip): identifies the province in which the IP resides. ip_to_city(ip): identifies the city in which the IP resides. If it is a city outside of China, the corresponding country name is returned. ip_to_geo(ip): identifies the longitude and latitude of the city in which the IP resides, in the format of "latitude, longitude". 

ip_to_provider(ip): obtains the ISP corresponding to the IP. With IP Analysis Function, you can quickly get the geo-location and ISP information of the visitor, and build a wider array of visual reports for business analysis. Target customers: developers and data analysts

7th Gen ECS Is Now Available

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