Experience Enhancements

Elasticsearch - Health Diagnosis Result Pushing Supported, Configuration Upgrade Optimized, and Snapshot Feature Improved

Mar 19 2020

The restart, configuration upgrade, and snapshot features of Elasticsearch clusters are optimized, and the system proactively pushes the potential risks of Elasticsearch clusters to users. This ensures service stability during the configuration and maintenance of Elasticsearch clusters.

1. The system regularly pushes the health diagnosis results of your Elasticsearch clusters by using emails. You can then optimize the configurations of your clusters in the Elasticsearch console as prompted. 2. You can update the specifications, quantity, and storage capacity for only one type of node at a time. The node types are data nodes, client nodes, dedicated master nodes, and warm nodes. 3. Before you restart a cluster or node, the system estimates the time the restart may take. 4. The system automatically creates snapshots every half an hour. You can customize the period as required.

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