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Message Queue - Dead-Letter Queue Released

Sep 01 2018

Message Queue
The dead-letter queue feature is used to handle messages that cannot be normally consumed. It allows Message Queue users to query and export dead-letter messages.

Intended customers: all Message Queue users. Released features: the dead-letter queue feature is used to handle messages that cannot be normally consumed. When Message Queue fails to handle a message, it automatically retries. When the number of attempts to process the message reaches the maximum, it means that the message cannot be consumed in a normal situation. Message Queue does not immediately drop the message. It sends the message to a special queue corresponding to the user. The error message that appears is known as a dead-letter message and the queue that stores the message is known as a dead-letter queue. A dead-letter message has the following characteristics: the message cannot be successfully consumed. The validation of the message is the same as other messages: three days. The message will be automatically deleted after three days. Therefore, handle dead-letter messages promptly before they are deleted. A dead-letter queue has the following characteristics: each queue corresponds to a consumer ID, not a consumer. Message Queue will not create a dead-letter queue for a consumer ID until dead-letter messages for this ID are generated. A dead-letter queue contains all dead-letter messages for a consumer ID, no matter which topic these dead-letter messages belong to. The Message Queue console allows you to query, export, and resend dead-letter messages.

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