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MaxCompute - Data Encryption Is in the Public Preview Phase in the Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) and Indonesia (Jakarta) Regions

Jul 24 2020

MaxCompute allows you to use Alibaba Cloud Key Management Service (KMS) to encrypt data. Bring Your Own Key (BYOK) is supported. This enhances cloud data security and meets data protection and compliance requirements.

Target customers: 1. Enterprises with industry compliance requirements, such as those in the financial industry. 2. Enterprises that are concerned about static data protection on the cloud. 3. Enterprises that have unified security and compliance requirements for their global branches. Features released: When you create a MaxCompute project, you can enable the data encryption feature for the project. You can use the default key provided by MaxCompute or your own encryption key to encrypt data. AES256, AES128, and RC4 encryption algorithms are supported. After you enable the data encryption feature, the system automatically uses KMS to encrypt and decrypt data. All operations are transparent to you so that you can still use the data.

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