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MaxCompute - Configuration of Super_Administrator Role Members Based on RAM Permission Control

Nov 21 2023

You can configure the members of the Super_Administrator role based on RAM permission control.

Target customers: big data administrators. Features released: You can log on to the MaxCompute console, go to the Projects page, and then click Manage in the Actions column of your project. On the project details page, click the Parameter Configuration tab to configure the members of the Super_Administrator role. For more information about the Super_Administrator role, see the "Built-in roles" section in "Role planning" in the documentation. This operation supports RAM permission control. If a RAM user is granted the UpdateUsersToSuperAdmin permission, you can configure the members of the Super_Administrator role for a project as the RAM user. This way, you can assume the Super_Administrator role to manage the project. This feature can be used to resolve the following issue: The project owner is an account in a resource directory (RD) and cannot access MaxCompute for authorization. As a result, the parameters that require the permissions of the Super_Administrator role of the project cannot be configured.

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