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Elasticsearch - codec-compression Launched

Jun 11 2020

The codec-compression plug-in is an index compression plug-in developed by the Alibaba Cloud Elasticsearch team. The plug-in is ideal for scenarios where a large volume of data needs to be written or the storage costs for indexes are high, such as in logging and time series analysis.

Target customers: users of Alibaba Cloud Elasticsearch V6.7. Features released: The codec-compression plug-in supports the Brotli and zstd compression algorithms. It uses different compression algorithms for various indexes. This significantly reduces index storage costs. A performance test is performed for the compression ratio. The test result is as follows: When codec-compression uses Brotli and zstd, it achieves a 45% higher compression ratio and experiences a write performance loss of 10% compared with when it uses LZ4. However, it achieves an 8% higher compression ratio and maintains the same write performance compared with when it uses best_compression (DEFLATE).

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