New Features

ApsaraDB for Redis - Cluster and Read/Write Splitting Architectures Supported for ApsaraDB for Redis 7.0 Instances That Use Cloud Disks

Cluster and read/write splitting architectures are supported for ApsaraDB for Redis 7.0 instances that use cloud disks. This helps users meet requirements across more scenarios.

Target customers: ApsaraDB for Redis 7.0 customers. Features released: ApsaraDB for Redis 7.0 cluster or read-write splitting instances that use cloud disks are available for purchase. You can use the configuration change feature to convert existing instances into cluster or read/write splitting instances without service downtime. The read/write splitting architecture of ApsaraDB for Redis can automatically recognize and route read and write commands to read/write and read-only nodes without the need to make changes in your code. The cluster architecture provides two connection modes: direct connection mode and proxy mode. In direct connection mode, you can connect to an ApsaraDB for Redis instance in the same way as you connect to an open source Redis cluster. In proxy mode, cluster instances work in the same manner as standard master-replica instances. This allows you to have both the scalability of cluster instances and the ease-of-use and high command compatibility of standard master-replica instances.

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