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Cloud Config - Cloud Config in Public Preview

Sep 23 2019

Cloud Config

Introduction: Cloud Config is an audit service that is used to monitor resources. Cloud Config monitors and tracks the changes in your resource configurations, and provides an overview of the changes over a period of time. You can use Cloud Config to configure compliance rules for your Alibaba Cloud resources. Cloud Config automatically uses compliance rules to evaluate the compliance of resource configurations. This way, Cloud Config ensures the continuous compliance of IT resources. Target customers: enterprise users who want to monitor the compliance of cloud resources when the scale of the cloud resources reaches a specific level. Enterprise users who want to follow the compliance regulations of China or international standards, such as MPLS 2.0. Cloud Config can help your enterprise complete the self-evaluation of resource configurations based on MPLS 2.0. Features: Cloud Config helps you manage the resources of your account. You can find your resources by using a filter or query. Cloud Config also provides a compliance overview for the resources. Cloud Config helps you monitor the changes to the resources in your account, record the details of each configuration, and track the history of resource changes. Cloud Config allows you to create compliance rules based on your compliance requirements. When resource changes occur, the compliance rules are automatically triggered to evaluate resource configurations. This way, Cloud Config helps you monitor the compliance of your resource configurations. You can manually or automatically trigger a compliance rule based on a schedule. Billing method: You are not charged when you use Cloud Config during public preview.

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