New Features

Elasticsearch - Buy Page Modified, Resource Tags Supported in Console, Disaster Recovery Upgraded, and Local File Upload to Logstash Clusters Available

Feb 25 2020

The buy page is modified to enable business-based one-click purchases. You can use resource tags to manage clusters in a centralized manner in the console. Dedicated master nodes can be deployed across zones to provide higher availability.

Target customers: 1. Customers that have different purchase needs for Elasticsearch Standard clusters and Elasticsearch Pro clusters 2. Customers that own a large number of clusters created in multiple regions and want to manage the clusters in a centralized manner 3. Customers that require their clusters to continuously provide services under any circumstances Features released: 1. A new buy page is released. It enables you to purchase Elasticsearch Standard and Elasticsearch Pro clusters based on your business needs. 2. You can use tags to manage your clusters in a centralized manner in the console. You can add, delete, modify, and query the tags of clusters, as well as customize and export a cluster list based on tags. 3. Disaster recovery of clusters is upgraded. If a cluster is deployed across two zones, the system automatically deploys the dedicated master nodes of the cluster in three zones to provide higher availability. 4. Local files can be uploaded to Logstash clusters. The files are verified during the upload to ensure data security.

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