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ActionTrail - Available for Commercial Use

Jan 11 2021


Product introduction: ActionTrail monitors and records the actions of your Alibaba Cloud account. The actions include the access to and use of Alibaba Cloud services by using the Alibaba Cloud Management Console, API operations, and developer tools. ActionTrail records these actions as events. You can download these events from the ActionTrail console or configure ActionTrail to deliver these events to Log Service Logstores or Object Storage Service (OSS) buckets. Then, you can track resource changes, audit the compliance of behavior, and perform behavior and security analysis. ActionTrail for commercial use provides stable cloud-based audit capabilities. Target customers: All Alibaba Cloud users. Features released: ActionTrail supports up to 110 Alibaba Cloud services and will support more services. For more information, see ActionTrail introduces two features: event summaries query and historical events delivery. 1. Event summaries query: ActionTrail summarizes events based on the account and resource related to an event, the time when the event occurred, the event name, and the IP address from which the event is initiated. This allows you to view events and also prevents the same type of events from being frequently displayed in the ActionTrail console. For more information, visit 2. Historical events delivery: After you create a trail, you can deliver the events that are generated within the last 90 days to a specific Log Service Logstore or OSS bucket. Then, you can perform advanced and complex analysis on these events in the Log Service or OSS console. This resolves the issue that you can deliver only the events that are generated after a trail is created. Also, you can make use of the events that are generated within the last 90 days. ActionTrail releases announcements on changes and upgrades. To view announcements, see the Security Announcement section at Pricing: You can use ActionTrail free of charge before April 11, 2021. From April 11, 2021, you may be charged for some features of ActionTrail. You are informed before you are charged for these features.

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