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ApsaraDB RDS for SQL Server - ApsaraDB for SQL Server - Database replication between instances.

RDS for SQL Server releases the function of database replication between instances in the same region.

Target customers: Users of RDS for SQL Server with the following editions: 1. RDS for SQL Server 2012&2016 WEB Standalone Basic Edition. 2. RDS for SQL Server 2012&2016 Standard Dual-host High-availability Edition. 3. RDS for SQL Server 2012&2016 Enterprise Dual-host High-availability Edition 4. RDS for SQL Server 2012 Enterprise Standalone Basic Edition. Features released: Replication function between instances in the same region of RDS for SQL Server 2012 and later versions is available. You can find it in Database Management - Replicate to another instance, which requires the two instances run the same version of the database engine. You can choose to copy or not copy the user permissions to the target instance. This function is applied in scenarios as follows: 1. Build a new system with similar business needs, such as setting up the database system for a new ERP system, and opening new regions of a game server. 2. Closing and merging of the same business, such as stores managed by ERP system. 3. Resizing of an instance. When a single instance reaches its limitation, you can use this function to resize the instance.

7th Gen ECS Is Now Available

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