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Elasticsearch - Alibaba Cloud Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana (ELK) Upgraded

Nov 05 2019

Alibaba Cloud Elasticsearch V7.4 and Logstash V7.4 are released. New features including Enhanced SSD (ESSD), Logstash pipeline management, and Object Storage Service (OSS) data transmission are supported.

Target customers: users with their workloads fully managed by Alibaba Cloud ELK, and users that use Alibaba Cloud ELK to process and analyze log data stored on the cloud. Features released: 1. Elasticsearch V7.4 and Logstash V7.4 are released. 2. Alibaba Cloud Elasticsearch now supports ESSDs. A single node supports up to 6 GB of ESSD storage space. ESSDs are used to support fast response and high throughput. Each ESSD can provide support for handling up to one million read and write requests per second. This also reduces the response time per node. ESSDs are mainly used in I/O intensive workloads and scenarios where low latency is essential. 3. You can now customize config settings from the Elasticsearch console for Logstash pipelines without the need to connect them to Elasticsearch instances first. This simplifies the procedure for creating, configuring, and deploying a pipeline. 4. Logstash now supports CloudMonitor and customizing alert rules. This enables you to monitor your workloads and perform operations and maintenance on the cloud. 5. An OSS input/output plug-in is added to Logstash for you to read and write data stored on Alibaba Cloud OSS.

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