New Features

Elastic Compute Service (ECS) - Alibaba Cloud ECS Image Import is made openly available

You can easily import offline workloads, backups, applications, and data to Alibaba Cloud as images

Function released: Image Import enables you to import the existing offline images to the ECS system and create new ECS instances. With Image Import, you can: 1. Migrate the entire offline workload to Alibaba Cloud. 2. Customize the operating system, applications, and configurations as required for your ECS instances. 3. Import the backup images exported from Alibaba Cloud back again. Suitable for: 1. Customers who want to migrate to Alibaba Cloud 2. Customers who want to customize operating system versions 3. Customers who want to test and debug their applications offline before migrating them to Alibaba Cloud 4. Customers who want to do backups offline

7th Gen ECS Is Now Available

Increase instance computing power by up to 40% and Fully equipped with TPM chips.
Powered by Third-generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors (Ice Lake).

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