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DataWorks - Alibaba Cloud DataWorks V3.0 Released

Dec 19 2019

Alibaba Cloud DataWorks V3.0 is released. It supports data development, resource orchestration, and task scheduling using multiple compute engines.

Target customers: users in the Internet, finance, new retail, automobile, intelligent manufacturing, and IoT industries. These users want to use DataWorks in the offline warehousing, real-time warehousing, graph computing, and interactive analytics scenarios. Features released: 1. Supports data development, task scheduling, and operations and maintenance using multiple types of compute engines, including MaxCompute, Realtime Compute, E-MapReduce, Graph Compute, and Interactive Analytics. 2. Supports cross-region task-dependent scheduling, which makes the scheduling system more flexible. 3. Workspaces support different types of engine instances, which simplifies task and table management.

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